HONEST: <人が・行為が> 正直な、誠実な、偽りのない –






1984年: DCブランドの古着店としてオープンする
1995年: 海外買い付け品、新品も販売開始する
(主なブランド:マルジェラ、APC、COMME des GARCONS、etc.)
1997年: 有限会社 belleville 設立
2002年: LOLO(ロロ)をメインブランドとしてリニューアルオープン
2014年: 地上階に店舗を移転し、新規オープン


Thank you so much for visiting our website.

Since 1984, we have been in the retail scene of fashion with an ambition to be a cultural space infused with our idea on fashion, lifestyle and trend. We present collections of designers, both emerging and established talents mainly from Japan.

Time is changing, and so is fashion – many people believe in values and image of a label projected through the wear of modern fashionistas, and often these products are overpriced and overrated.

With our long-time experience as a vintage clothing store offering second-hand clothing of the world’s renowned talents in the fashion industry, we have reached a conclusion that fashion needs a bit of honesty in its design, quality and price.

R1 calls this concept ‘Honest Clothes’ – selecting items that are carefully tailored and produced, but reasonably priced, we curate our store with a vision of ‘honesty’ in fashion which we would like to share with our audience.

R1 is situated in Sakae, the shopping destination sitting in the heart of Nagoya. Pop in when you are around – we look forward to welcoming you.